Lovingly handcrafted Italian jewelry and accessories.

From a family of skilled artisans, Giorgia has been immersed in creativity and craft since she was born, so much so it has become a part of her. This background inspired her to design and make jewelry and accessories for women, inventing and transforming her creations with fevered, passionate hands.
Her studies in geometry helped consolidate a love for detail and precision which infuses her work, from the creation of her unique pieces to the packaging.
Giorgia is a young woman who loves fashion, yet is never one to follow the trends. Her true passion is to make her own fashions with her own brand of jewelry made of sensations and emotions. Giorgia prides herself on forever changing and growing, and her creations are an expression of this.

Giorgia’s handmade costume jewelry and accessories are split into two categories. The first is made up of exclusive pieces and unique fashion accessories combining vintage and recovered items with contemporary materials. She sifts and collects her materials from street markets and bazars in Italy and around the world, and it’s these elements that truly define her creations. Giorgia takes these lost and forgotten things and transforms them, repurposing and breathing new life into them with a contemporary eye so that her women feel kissed by the past, present and future. The genuine leather pieces are hand-stitched, the metal parts hand-painted, the Plexiglas totally hand-worked, all by Giorgia herself and so all made in Italy.
The second category is the design collection made from contemporary materials of all kinds taking inspiration and ingredients from the world of fashion as well as from construction, from hardware, from life. Here her imagination and experimentation know no bounds.
For Giorgia everything in life is inspiration, nature, travel… her journey. Browse through the site to see some of the delightful repurposed assemblage jewelry from this truly unique accessories and jewelry designer.

Giorgia Vecchiato - Accessories Designers